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Germany to Nigeria

Country or Territory Regulations Topics:

Import Documentation

Goods under IATA Special Provisions A67 require a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

It is not required for all, however shipments can be held by local authority in United Arab Emirates after screening due to lack of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or NON DG (Dangerous Goods) declaration letter from the shipper resulting to misconnections and impacting end-to-end service.

It would be advisable for all shipments originating, transiting and terminating for UAE to have MSDS or NON DG declaration from shipper enclosed in the shipment and copies to be uploaded in IDIS.

Export Procedure ex Germany

A formal electronic export declaration must be sent to customs authorities by the exporter or their representative. Customs authorities grant the release for export and issue an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) with a unique Movement Reference Number (MRN).

The EAD has to accompany the shipment. UPS is responsible for the exit clearance at the EU border.

Informal Declarations

An informal declaration is possible for shipments up to a national threshold. The informal declaration is based on the invoice value and is restricted to shipments not subject to prohibitions and restrictions (for example, embargo regulations) or special export procedures (for example, temporary export).

The informal clearance will be done by UPS at the point of exit.

National Requirements

Shipments up to a value of 1000 EUR can be declared informally on the basis of the invoice. For shipments above 1000 EUR, a formal export declaration is required.

UPS service

UPS offers the service of making formal export declarations for customers with billable German UPS accounts. German exporters without simplification as so called approved exporter have to calculate a minimum of one working day for the competent customs office to process their declaration. However in practice, the export declaration must be placed within the opening hours of the customs office of export, as sufficient time must be allowed for the customs office to perform risk analysis and grant the release for export. On release of the goods, the customs office of export will provide the export accompanying document (EAD) with a unique Movement Reference Number (MRN).

UPS will provide the customer with the EAD including MRN which must accompany the shipment and be transmitted to the customs office of exit. The export shipment/s may be collected after release for exportation.

For cases of goods not exceeding 3000 EUR in value per consignment and per declarant and which are leaving the European Union by air movement and are not subject to prohibitions or restrictions the customs declaration may be lodged directly with the customs office of exit. The customs office of exit performs the risk analysis, releases the goods for export and confirms the exit of the goods. The declaration can be placed any time and the customs office of exit provide and MRN. The export shipment/s may be collected after receiving the MRN.

For further information please refer to the UPS website:

Alternatively, UPS offers a web-based application for customers to create electronic export declarations on their own - please refer to the following website -

Beginning September 1, 2005 additional documents certifying the wholesomeness of products classified as regulated under the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP) shall be required for the clearance of imports.

The SONCAP is designed to ensure that regulated products comply with the approved Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) prior to shipment. The enforcement of stipulated standards is aimed at protecting the Nigerian consumers from unsafe or sub-standard products.

To obtain a SONCAP Certificate, the exporter sends a request for Product Certification to a SON Country or Territory Office (SCO) in the exporting country or territory. Alternatively, the exporter forwards a test report from an accredited third party laboratory to SCO for their consideration. After a successful review, a Product Certificate shall be issued and the exporter advised accordingly. The certificate which has three (3) years validity shall be required for registration of Form "M" and clearance of the imported regulated products by the importer. If it is not possible to deal with SONCAP requirements in the origin country or territory, it is possible for SON [Standard Organization of Nigeria] formalities to be completed at destination (Nigeria) when goods arrive. An minimum charge of approxiamately 36.23 USD [equivalent in local currency] may be paid for the completion of the formalities.

Click here for a list of regulated products.

To obtain a SONCAP Certificate form and instructions, please access the following website:

Export Documentation

For charges made for Export Shipments from Germany to the destination country or territory, please refer to Brokerage Services and Charges-Export Shipments with Germany as the destination.

Clearance Information

If a shipment arrives opened, the consignee is asked to come to the nearest office to verify and inspect the contents.

UPS Nigeria is licensed to import any documents or shipments of any nature provided they arrive by courier and not by air freight. This license does not place any limit on value, so normal restrictions apply.

Shipments above 50kgs will be regarded as cargo and freight on such shipments will be calculated as in cargo shipments. Manifest must be provided daily before Customs examination.

Duties and taxes will be raised on all invoices, irrespective of the value. The freight cost must reflect on all invoices.

Please note that not only the value(s) of the commodity/commodities have to be considered when calculating duty and tax, but also the freight charge and other fees.

UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. Box address. All packages require a consignee's contact name and complete street address including apartment, suite or unit number if applicable. The consignee's telephone number should be provided if known.

Areas Served

Service is provided to and from every address in the country or territory.
UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. Box address. All packages require a consignee's contact name and complete street address including apartment, suite or unit number if applicable. The consignee's telephone number should be provided if known.

Saturday, Sunday, and official holidays.
Spring +0100/ Fall +0100
Naira(NGN), US Dollar(USD)

Billing Options

  • Shipping charges can be billed to the shipper, receiver or a third party.
  • When billing the receiver, either the shipper or receiver's account number is required.
  • When billing to a third party, the third party's name, country or territory and account number are required.
  • Duties and taxes can be billed to the shipper, receiver or a third party.
  • When billing a third party, the third party's name, country or territory and account number are required.
  • If the duties and taxes are billed to an account outside of the destination country or territory, a "Duty and Tax Forwarding" surcharge will be applied.
  • Please note the following third party billing exceptions:
    • Shipments to and from the same country or territory (domestic shipments) cannot be billed to third party payors in other countries or territories. For example, shipments from Mexico to Mexico or Canada to Canada cannot be billed to a third party payor in the U.S. This rule does not apply to UPS domestic services in European Union countries or territories. For example, shipments from Germany to Germany can be billed to a third party payor in the U.S. (as long as the payor is a business and has a VAT or Tax/EIN ID on file with UPS).
  • When paying by credit card, check, or cash, only the shipper can be billed the shipping charges.

Commodity Specific Stipulations

There are special stipulations on the following commodities when shipping to Nigeria. If you plan to ship one of the commodities listed below, be sure to adhere to the following stipulations in order to avoid delays and holds at customs.

Tickets for events like stage performances, football matches or concerts must be sent as non-doc shipments. The invoice must show the manufacturing cost of the ticket.
Data shipments require an invoice with teh value of the CD-Rom or disk only.
Companies are only allowed to import medicine if they can provide proof of registration with NAFDAC (National Agency of Foods and Drugs Administration and Control) and a Drug Analysis report or certificate.

Medicine can be imported by private individuals upon submission of a prescription from a doctor.

Gift Exemptions

0.00 US Dollar USD
no gift exemption
no gift exemption

Duty applies to all shipments; a gift exemption is not available in Nigeria.

Invoice Requirements

Non-document shipments to Nigeria must include 1 original and 2 copies of an invoice.

Invoices should be in English Language and should be computer generated. Invoices in other languages than English could be seized by Customs.

Hardcopy invoices must accompany all non-document shipments into Nigeria irrespective of the value of the shipment or risk being seized by Customs. Freight cost must reflect on all invoices.

Shipments of documents do not require an invoice.

The consignees email address (preferred information) or telephone/mobile number should appear on the invoice, otherwise clearance delays might occur.

UPS Paperless Invoice is available for small package exports from this country or territory.
UPS Paperless Invoice is accepted by Customs for small package imports into this country or territory. Every Import dutiable shipment must have a hard copy invoice attached to the shipment for Customs examination.

Items Classified as Documents

The destination country or territory considers the following items document shipments. If criteria are listed, the shipment must meet those criteria to be considered a document shipment.

Validated airline tickets only.
Document limit: 3 kg
Document weight limit up to 10 kgs.
Document Limit: 3 kg
Intercompany mail shipments require a Waybill only if the shipment is for non-commercial purposes.
  1. The waybill must include a description of intercompany mail.
  2. The value should be of no commercial value or zero value.
  3. Shipments not meeting this criteria require an invoice.
Document Limit: 3 kg
Magazines for sale require an invoice.
Document Limit: 3 kg
Document Limit: 3 kg
Document Limit: 3 kg
Document Limit: 3 kg
Document Limit: 3 kg

UPS can recommend which forms you need based on a few simple criteria. Forms can be completed online or printed. See which forms you need.

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

In addition to the prohibited commodities listed here, it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Nigeria.

All spirits are banned from importation other than some kind of alcoholic bitters and liqueurs fulfilling the requirements of liquor licensing in Nigeria, brandy gin, denatured spirit, perfumed spirtis, medical and scientific. Most of the exemptions have to fulfill certain requirements and therefore require permit from the CG (Comptroller General of Customs)/NAFDAC (National Agency of Food, Drug and Administration Control) before importation.
Antique shipments are restricted from Europe, the Middle East and Africa and can only be shipped with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract. Antiques are defined as a work of art, piece of furniture, decorative object, or silverware that is 100 years old or older.
Artwork shipments are restricted from Europe, the Middle East and Africa and can only be shipped with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract.

Paintings or other works of art can be accepted if the artist is still alive, the artwork is replaceable and an art dealer or gallery has appraised the artwork within the last year. If the declared value of the artwork is greater than $100.00 and there is a claim, the shipper must provide a copy of the original invoice, a bill of sale, or other proof certifying in writing the actual cost or replacement cost of the item.

Artwork includes the following: Original engravings, prints, lithographs, original sculptures, statuary.

The term "Artwork" does not apply to: architectural, engineering, industrial, topographical, commercial drawings, hand-painted or hand-decorated manufactured articles.

Ball point pens are prohibited.
Indecent and obscene prints, paintings, books and other articles are banned from importation.
Carpets are prohibited.
Cutlasses are prohibited.
Detergents in retail packs are prohibited.
Import of Drones into Nigeria is prohibited except in circumstances where the importer has the following:

End User Certificate to Import

Import Permit

TAX Clearance

CAC Certificate

Fabric is prohibited.
Fishing nets are prohibited.
Food is prohibited.
All types of footware are banned from importation with the exemption of saftey shoes used in the oil industries, sport shoes, canvass shoes and all Completely Knocked Down (CKD) parts.
Fruit and fruit drinks are prohibited.
The UPS Nairobi hub in Kenya cannot transit any package that has liquid content item on a Small Package basis. This applies to all types of items in liquid form.

Kenya airways(KQ) has restricted this movement on courier mode and packages should only be moved on airfreight mode(SCS) direct to destination.

It will also not be able to RTS such packages as Kenya Airways is used for all exports too.

Please note: This applies to transit volumes, not Kenya import but also from Cologne, Dubai and Johannesburg hubs.

Security Equipment.

All security equipment and tools must be accompanied with ab end user certificate from the receiver before it can be accepted. This will include bullet-proof vests, Drones(real and toy), uniforms etc.related to any of the security arm in Nigeria.

Mosquito nets are prohibited. Inseciticide-treated mosquito nets are excluded from this prohibition.
Personal effects cannot be shipped between these countries or territories.
Can only be imported if it can not be manufactured in Nigeria. For detailed information, please contact your local Chamber of Commerce.
Rugs are prohibited.
Sanitary wares made of plastic (H.S. Code 3922 1000 - 3922.9000) and Domestic Articles and Wares made of plastic (H.S. Code 3924 1000 - 3924 9090) are prohibited.

Only baby feeding bottles and flushing cisterns and waterless toilets are excluded from this prohibition.

Shovels are prohibited.
Soap in retail packs is prohibited.
Spades are prohibited.
Textiles are prohibited.
Toothpaste is prohibited.
All firearms and replicas are prohibited.

Saturday Delivery

Saturday Delivery Available: Yes

Not available in all areas. Always check the international time in transit system for details of service availability within a country or territory.

Delivery is available on a Saturday by special arrangement - contact Lagos.

Service Options

Always check Calculate Time and Cost for details of service availability and guarantee information within a country or territory. All Service Levels may not be available to or from every address within a country or territory.

  • UPS Worldwide Expedited
  • UPS Worldwide Express Saver
  • UPS WorldWide Express Freight

Special Clearance Requirements

The invoice should include a description of the sample and indicate if the sample is marked or mutilated.
New requirements have been implemented for small package shipments and are based on the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15, which is entitled "Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade". ISPM 15 was adopted internationally in 2002, and is gradually being introduced by countries or territories worldwide. Wood or wood products covered by ISPM 15 include items such as packing cases, boxes, crates, drums or similar packing, pallets, box pallets and other load boards, pallet collars and skids, but exclude such processed woods as orientated strand board, particle board, plywood or veneer, created using glue, heat and pressure or a combinations thereof, and, raw wood which is 6mm or less thick. It is recommended that if a question arises on this issue, please check with the authority that issues the Phytosanitary certificates in your country or territory.

Value Limits

Private Shipments

  • 0.00 US Dollar (USD)
    • No value applies.
    Commercial Shipments

  • 0.00 US Dollar (USD)
    • No value applies.

    Weight and Size Limits

    70 kg (150 lbs.) per package
    274.00 cm (107.9 in.)  per package
    400.00 cm (157.5 in.)  per package
    Length and girth combined

    Convert metric quantity for weight, length, and area.

    NOTE: Information provided by UPS is provided AS IS, may not be current, and does not constitute legal advice. In no event shall UPS be liable for any errors in the information, forms or features made available by UPS, or by any third party site linked to from UPS. Selection and completion of proper forms for any given shipment is the sole responsibility of the shipper. All shipments are subject to the UPS Terms and Conditions of Service in effect at the time of shipping for the country or territory of origin.
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