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Additional Steps

After reviewing your company's general information, and making any changes to it, you can now add new information (e.g., additional company locations, a Corporate Address Book, shipping privilege sets, or users).

Because much of this information can be imported rather than typed, we'll show you the steps to import files in the Administer UPS CampusShip section. And you'll find specific file formatting details in Resources.

Company Locations

You may now create or import additional locations as needed by your company. To create new company locations, see Create Locations in the Company Locations section of this guide. To import company locations, see Import Locations in the Company Locations section.

Note: Each location needed by your company must be defined before any users can be assigned to them. To process a shipment with UPS CampusShip, a user must be assigned to a location. A company location can be identified as a department or multiple departments sharing the same street address. This allows for maximum flexibility in organizing and naming locations.

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Shipping Privileges

UPS CampusShip includes four default shipping privilege sets of various shipping rights and add-on services. You may assign any default set to users without changing its privilege settings, or you can tailor a set to your company's needs. After naming and storing your customized privilege set, you can assign it to users. To create new shipping privilege sets, see Create Shipping Privileges in the Shipping Privilege Sets section.

Note: Any customized shipping privilege set must be defined before it can be assigned to any UPS CampusShip users. For example, if your company needs shipping privilege sets different from the default privilege sets, you must create those sets before assigning users to them.

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Reference Numbers

You may now create or import reference numbers as needed by your company. Reference numbers are used to record information about a package (i.e., client/matter codes, department codes, cost codes, project numbers, etc.). UPS CampusShip supports up to three different lists of reference number values and descriptions, allowing administrators to require users to enter one, two, or three reference numbers to assist in the company's management functions.

Determine how these reference fields should be labeled, and decide whether the fields require validation (i.e., an error message displays if incorrect information is entered).

To create new reference numbers, see Create Reference Numbers in the Reference Numbers section of this guide. To import new reference numbers, see Import Reference Numbers in the Reference Numbers section.

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Address Books

You may now create or import a Corporate Address Book as needed by your company. To create a Corporate Address Book, see Create Entries in the Address Book section of this guide. To import a Corporate Address Book, see Import Address Books in the Address Book section.

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UPS CampusShip Users

You may now create or import UPS CampusShip users. To create new UPS CampusShip users, see Create Users in the UPS CampusShip Users section of this guide. To import UPS CampusShip users, see Import Users in the UPS CampusShip Users section.

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Launching UPS CampusShip

UPS CampusShip is now set up for your company and ready to use.

Individuals you have assigned to UPS CampusShip can learn how to use the system by reading the Shipping Help. Users can access this information by selecting the Shipping tab, and Help in the area at the left.

Note: As users become comfortable with using the functions and features of UPS CampusShip, they will rely on you for guidance. These demands should diminish quickly as users become familiar and adept with using the UPS CampusShip system.

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