Shipping and Compliance

With patient and business health on the line, speed, experience and reliability matter.

In the healthcare industry, you know that a large part of the story behind optimal outcomes is getting the right product into the right hands – surgeon, pathologist, pharmacist or supply room – safely, swiftly, reliably and compliantly. Any disruption can adversely impact patient health, your reputation and your bottom line.

Minimise transit risks by relying on our healthcare-optimised global transportation network, deep regulatory experience and end-to-end oversight to ensure that yours is a success story.

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Who This is For

Healthcare firms that ship globally, with strict time, product and security requirements. Relevant across pharmaceutical, life science, medical device, med-surg supplies, diagnostic and research labs.

Turn transportation challenges into your healthy advantage.

With supply chain costs comprising 50-60% of a typical healthcare company's expenditures, creating transportation efficiencies can greatly improve your equation.

Whether package or freight, air, ocean or ground, we provide an incredibly broad range of options to help you achieve your optimal balance of speed and cost. Reduce the risk and cost of waste, delays and penalties with our robust product protection technology, regulatory expertise and strategies for crossing borders.

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