Product Recovery and Recall

Act. Rather than react.

Nowhere is the importance of a healthy reverse logistics programme as evident as in pharmaceutical, device and medical supply industries. As manufacturers, distributors and retailers, it's important to have a solid returns process to maintain customer satisfaction and manage costs. But during a healthcare product recall where patient well-being is on the line, it's imperative to work quickly, deliberately and accountably.

Put our broad return logistics portfolio to work for your business. Our proven technology, systems and deep experience can turn liability into a service differentiator.

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Who This Is For

Mid- and large-scale healthcare firms that require a product safety recall process or a streamlined returns process as part of their reverse logistics programme, including pharmaceutical, medical device and medical/surgical supplies.

Competent and comprehensive product recovery.

Returns can become a financial liability and logistical challenge. Having a responsive, efficient, and easy returns process is essential for meeting customer expectations and controlling costs—especially for expediting critical recalls.

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