When exploring world markets, bring along a guide.

With the growing variance in classifications and regulations across countries, exporting and importing healthcare products keeps getting more complex. UPS's expansive transportation network, established security protocol processes, cold chain systems, and expertise in worldwide customs compliance can mean the difference between obstacles and opportunity.

Whether your goal is saving lives across borders or acquiring the raw materials to develop new cures, UPS will guide you across borders safely and compliantly.

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Who This Is For

Mid- and large-scale healthcare firms that that ship internationally and have challenging regulatory requirements, including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device and medical/surgical supplies.

Healthcare without borders.

Access patient populations in markets around the world through our global network while minimising investment in your own infrastructure and assets. We've invested heavily in technology, equipment, facilities and in training our team to expertly manage key healthcare issues – from regulatory compliance to customs clearance.

We'll help you to locate and manage harmonised tariff codes, calculate landed cost estimates, verify compliance information and more. And by combining UPS transportation services with our customs brokerage services, you can reduce fines, holds and inbound delays that impact production and jeopardise patients.

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