SMS Notify

Give your customers proactive updates on their shipment with text (SMS) messages sent straight to their mobile phone. Instead of waiting until they have access to a computer, keep them up-to-date on the status of their shipment, right on their mobile device. We can send alerts when shipments are being processed, are out for delivery, or when they've been delayed or rescheduled.

You decide on the message text and format, the language the text is delivered in, and after which shipment events the texts are sent.

Your customers have a better experience, which improves the chances they'll be back. And you save time not answering all of those "Where is my order?" phone calls.

More on-time deliveries, happy customers and better business for you.

  • Your customer provides you with their mobile phone number
  • You ship your packages as usual
  • Your customer receives text messages when updates are made to the shipment status