Intralogistics Service

UPS worker in the distance sorting parcels moving on a conveyor belt.

Moving your product from the receiving dock to the shipping station can be a challenge. Our Intralogistics Service can help you with designing, implementing, managing, monitoring and optimizing the handling of your products within your distribution locations.

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Intralogistics Can Benefit Your Business

By automating your warehouse picking and sorting functions, you should see an enhancement to your overall business flexibility and fulfillment capabilities. Most importantly, with intralogistics improvements, you can enhance the safety of your employees.

A Vast Portfolio of Solutions

There are thousands of combinations of flexible and customizable options available for small-medium businesses and enterprise businesses, ranging from turnkey and off-the-shelf dimensional systems to configurable solutions designed by our consulting experts. Access to systems engineering, technology and automation are all available under one umbrella.

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Intralogistics services are in use in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, France, and Europe. For more information please contact your UPS Representative.

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