UPS InfoNotice™

How to read your UPS InfoNotice

We left you an UPS InfoNotice because we did not reach you when we tried to deliver or retrieve your shipment. See UPS InfoNotice which items are marked and below for each item.

UPS InfoNotice

1. Your shipment was left at - If this item is flagged, we will notify you whether you sent your item to your address or to your neighbor.

If you are a UPS My Choice® member, you can instruct the driver to leave the item to the selected location or a trusted neighbor.

2. Get your shipment from UPS Access Point ™ - We will ship your shipment to a UPS Access Point location near you, where it will be stored for 10 calendar days so that you can pick it up at your convenience

In this case, you will find the name and address of the UPS Access Point office on the UPS InfoNotice, from where you can download it.

If today is marked, your shipment will be posted on the designated date on the same day as we left this notice. If the next working day is marked, your shipment will be on site the next business day (Monday to Friday) unless that day is a holiday.

You can track your shipment by UPS InfoNotice or scan the QR code and find out whether the upload is ready to be downloaded. You will find the opening hours of the UPS Access Point in the tracking information box.

When you pick up your mission, you need a valid photo ID issued by the authority. If someone else needs to pick up your shipment for you, see more information on ID requirements.

3. We will try again the next business day - We will try to deliver your shipment again the next business day (Monday to Friday), excluding holidays. If you are not reachable, you have a few options. To see your option, follow these steps:

1. Follow your transmission using the UPS InfoNotice number found under the bar code
2. Select Change delivery from the Monitor Summary screen
3. Select a different delivery option

You may have more options available if you are registered with UPS My Choice®.

4. One must be there to receive and acknowledge your shipment - We need a signature on the spot. If you are not at home and would like your delivery to be delivered to a neighbor, follow the instructions on the other side of the UPS InfoNotice.

Note: Items that require an adult signature cannot be delivered to a neighbor.

5. We can leave your shipment on the next working day if you give your signature to the other side of the UPS InfoNotice. - If you are not at home and you wish us to leave your shipment, please sign your UPS InfoNotice on the other side and leave it to your UPS driver.

6. Your shipment must be paid for a COD payment (Collect on Delivery) - Pay for the driver the required COD amount to receive your shipment. Checks are not accepted. If the "Cash Only" item is marked, the sender has instructed us to accept only cash. UPS sends pre-payment instructions to recipients in areas where our drivers cannot receive cash.

If you want to pay by credit card, call our customer service at 09 2311 3406. UPS's representative will then contact you. Payment can be made by entering the payment card information to the UPS representative by telephone, typing them on the payment terminal using the UPS and charging will be made during the call.

If you need more options, follow your submissions, as discussed in section 3 above, and see the options available to you.

7. This was our final attempt - We have tried to deliver your shipment, but unfortunately we did not reach you. You will see your option by tracking your shipment, as described above in step 3.

8. We tried to make a collection - If we have made the final attempt, option 7 is marked. You can always schedule a new collection (may incur additional costs) or take your shipment to a nearby UPS drop-off location.