CampusShip Support - Managing Privileges FAQ

How do I create a new shipping privilege set?

Select Administration from the left side of the page, go to Manage Shipping Privileges, and select Create Shipping Privileges. You will open a page that allows you to create a new shipping privilege set with defined shipping methods.

Note: You must create the shipping privilege set before assigning users to it.
Enter a Shipping Privilege Name and select the various allowable restriction choices you want to assign to the shipping privilege set. These include service, accessorial, billing option, address book privilege, and reference number. For each category you may select ALL privileges or individual privileges.

To create the named privilege set, select Update.

Note: A shipping privilege set should allow certain types of users to have access to the specific shipping methods they need to be most effective and efficient for your company. Shipping privilege sets typically do not reflect your corporate organisation, management structure or leadership roles.

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How do I edit an existing shipping privilege?

Select Administration from the left side of the page, then go to Search Shipping Privileges. After performing your search, select the shipping privilege set to edit from the Search Results list. To edit the set, select View/Edit. You may modify your search results by changing your search terms or criteria.

Once you have selected a shipping privilege set, you may update any fields on the Shipping Privileges Detail page. To save changes, select Update. A confirmation page will display when your changes have been updated.

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