Developer Announcements and API Updates

2022 Updates

July Updates

The tracking number for all Ship API responses from wwwcie (test environment) will be 1ZXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. • Print and Mail (PNM, option 2) has been removed as an option for Return Service shipments.

February Updates

Landed Cost Quoting API:

  • Can be used at any point when establishing products, shopping/quoting or at checkout
  • Calculates costs and who pays duties, taxes, VAT and brokerage fees
  • Eliminates unforseen issues for your retail customers
  • Predicts your HTS code automatically

January Updates

Developer Guide Updates (Rate API/Ship API)

  • Within the Extended Area Surcharge group, Congested is updated to Remote Area.
  • Surcharge category of Peak Season Surcharge is updated to Peak/Demand Surcharge, and Subtypes have been updated.

2021 Updates

November Updates

Worldwide Economy (Rate API /Ship API)

  • Users can now rate Worldwide Economy shipments
  • Worldwide Economy to accept new billing options

Improvements to International Shipping (Ship API)

  • Denied Party Screening
  • Duty, Tax, and Brokerage Fee Estimates provided
  • Save Parts functionality

September Updates

Developer Guide Updates (Rate API/Ship API)

  • Beginning January 1, 2022 Delivery Confirmation (01) will no longer be supported in the PackageServiceOptions container. Any submissions will not fail, but the accessorial will not be available.

International Special Commodities (ISC) Enhancements (Rate API/Ship API)

  • Two new categories added: E-Cigarettes and Hemp/CBD
  • New Request Containers/Elements
    • /Shipment/ShipmentServiceOptions/RestrictedArticles
    • ECigarettesIndicator
    • HempCBDIndicator

Worldwide Economy Enhancements (Rate API/Ship API)

  • Responses will now include rates for both Worldwide Economy DDP and DDU services.
  • Two new indicators have been added for Worldwide Economy DDU type shipments: oversize accessorial and minimum billable weight. These indicators are only valid with UPS Service type 17 for DDU.
  • New Request Containers/Elements
    • Shipment/Parcel/OversizeIndicator
    • Shipment/Parcel/MinimumBillableWeightIndicator
    • Shipment/ShipmentRatingOptions/TPFCNegotiatedRatesIndicator
    • Ounces will now be accepted with Subversion 2108 for DDU shipments.
  • New Error Codes - Please refer to the Appendix for error codes.

April Updates

Zonal Large Parcel Surcharge (Rate API/Ship API):

  • S. zones only
  • Not changed to include Hundredweight Services
  • Rates will vary by zones

January Updates

Brexit Northern Ireland Rules (All APIs):

  • Changes to PostalCode for Northern Ireland Cities - Must start with BT
  • New Accessorial for Ship and Rate API: 551 - UK Border Fee

Remove Verbal Confirmation (Ship API/Rate API):

  • Verbal Confirmation of Delivery data elements from the Dev Guide
  • NRF/Rave will error this accessorial if it is sent after removal date. No new error but will use the generic message that accessorial is not valid
  • New Error Message: 111262 - The accessorial is not valid with the selected option. To replace previous error messages

EORI Number (Ship API):

  • Information regarding EORI number can now be found in the FAQ section of the Developer Guide
  • EORI number should be entered in additional comments section of Invoice
  • If needed for label - EORI should be entered as the 1st or 2nd Package Level Reference Number

Addition of Reference Numbers Allowed at the Parcel Level (Ship API):

  • Five reference number fields are now available at the Parcel Level
  • Only the first 2 reference numbers will print on the UPS shipping label
  • Systems read from top to bottom of the request

UPS Premier (Rate API/Ship API/Track API)

  • A new contract service that will provide additional visibility to critical healthcare-specific movement events. Please reach out to your sales person for more information.

New Functionality is dependent upon Premier Category:

  • Categories:
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
  • Requirements:
    • Must have an RFID printer
    • For Silver category only ZPL printer language accepted
    • Must have a contract for specific category