Shipping Preferences

UPS CampusShip is streamlined to process shipments using address books, distribution lists, preset shipping services, and packaging choices from your shipping preferences.

Shipping Options

The Shipping Options module contains the Shipping Service drop-down list and the packaging type drop-down list.

Note: Some UPS CampusShip services and functionality must be assigned by your UPS CampusShip Administrator. To contact your administrator, select the Administrator Lookup button (if available) or Company Support at the bottom of the Create a Shipment page. For more information, see the Resources section of

Service: Setting a UPS Shipping Service preference will make that service the default selection in the Shipping Service drop-down list on the Create a Shipment page. You can edit any preset service choice when you are processing a shipment.

Packaging: If a Packaging preference has been preset, that preference will be the default selection for the Packaging drop-down list on the Create a Shipment page. Some packaging types could be invalid for your service selection.

To save any modified Service or Packaging Preferences, select Update. For more information on Packaging, see the Packaging section in this guide.

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Reference Values Options

The Reference Values section allows the setting of default reference numbers that display when a shipping form is opened. You can keep the values or write over them.

Reference numbers are used to reflect purchase order numbers, invoice numbers, and so forth. Reference numbers have a value (letters, numbers, or alpha-numeric) and a description.

Administrators can create or import reference numbers and store them as lists. Company shippers can select and validate reference numbers from known values in lists. To search the lists and select a specific reference number value, select Search next to a reference number field.

To save any modified reference number preferences, select Update.

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Payment Method Options

The Payment Method section allows you to set a payment method to display as your default payment method when processing shipments. The default payment method choices are a UPS Account associated with your shipping location or a payment card (for example a debit or credit card, where applicable).

To save any modified Payment preferences, select Update.

Note: Some payment options may be restricted by your company's administrator. For more information on payment methods, see Payment Methods in this guide.

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Shipping History Options

The Shipping History module affects how previous shipments displays summary information.

To change which fields display in the table columns:

  1. Uncheck the Use Default History Table Settings checkbox.
  2. To change the number of days displayed, select 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, or custom date range from the drop-down list.

    To change the information that displays, select a Change Display To drop-down list for one of the four specific columns. Select which field you want to display in the table column. To ensure that the same field has not been selected for more than one column, review your choices.

    To change how the table columns are sorted, select one of the column choices in the Sort Table By drop-down list. You can set the table results to display in ascending order or descending order by selecting the related button.

To restore the default column settings, select the Use Default History Table Settings checkbox. This resets the original UPS CampusShip Shipping History page settings after you have modified the column display settings and want to restore the default table columns and sort order.

To save modified Shipping History preferences, select Update.

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Pickup, Printing, and Address Book Options

The UPS Pickup Request Times module allows the setting of a standard time for when packages associated with pickup requests can be ready for pickup. Also, you can set the latest time you want the packages to be picked up.

The Printing Preferences module allows you to set your printer preferences to govern the printing of receipts and labels when processing shipments.

  • Select the Print Receipt checkbox to have the receipt available for printing whenever completing a shipment.
  • Select the thermal printer checkboxes to have your UPS thermal printer print labels and receipts instead of using a laser printer. Note: You must have installed a UPS thermal printer for this option to work. To install a UPS thermal printer, select the link to download the printer drivers.
  • To test any printer (laser or thermal), select Print a Sample Label.

The Address Book module allows you to set an address book preference to save new addresses to the UPS Address Book automatically when processing shipments on UPS CampusShip.

To save any modified preferences, select Update.

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