EDI Services and XML Solutions

Adapt to Grow

Compatibility Increases Productivity

EDI Services and XML SolutionsCompatibility Means Agility for Your Business

You adapt to changes in the market, and your infrastructure should do the same. UPS Supply Chain Solutions can support your operational and financial data requirements by developing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) solutions that grow with your business.

What EDI and XML Do for You

The use of industry standard data formats (EDI 240 and XML) gives you maximum compatibility with established systems, and maximizes data security around your information transfers. Shipping information, tracking results, electronic funds transfers, and other key data used to manage your overall supply chain are transferred smoothly throughout your enterprise. You'll see increased productivity thanks to faster movement of information and reduced data entry redundancy.

In addition to improving processes for your company, when you use EDI/XML solutions you help the environment by reducing overall paper consumption.

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