International Ecommerce Shipping

Capture demand no matter where the customers are.

International E-commerce

E-commerce knows no boundaries: Not only do more sales happen online each year, but online retailers can bypass the geographic limitations that brick-and-mortar shops have. You can pursue customers no matter where they live; we're here to help with a consistent, reliable delivery experience to more than 220 countries and territories.

Whether you're growing your company within the European Union (EU) or expanding across other borders, our tools and experts can help make international trade easier to understand and easier to manage.

Business Within the EU

Adding efficiencies with EU-specific services can make a difference when you're trying to get ahead closer to home.

With Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.), payment for your goods is included in the delivery process itself - we even manage currency conversions for you. And if we can't collect payment for your items within three delivery attempts, we'll return your products to you.

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Moving Outside the EU

International trade regulations can change quickly. If you're not aware of the latest information, customs issues can delay your shipments and affect your customers' delivery experience.

As one of the world's largest customs brokers, our experts can help you navigate complex international trade regulations, stay in compliance, and avoid penalties. There are also technologies to help you steer clear of customs compliance issues and reduce your time to market.

Find the international shipping tools you need.

  • Estimate total shipping costs, access international forms, find harmonised system codes and identify restricted individuals and companies with UPS TradeAbility®.
  • Sign up for UPS Paperless™ Invoice, and we'll electronically submit commercial invoices to Customs offices for you. Electronic invoices cut the risk of errors and lost paperwork; let Customs start processing shipments sooner; save money normally spent on paper; and reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Manage your vendors' shipping labels and commercial invoices with UPS Import ControlSM. You select the carrier, speed and service you want - then confirm that the information is error-free.

Simplify international returns, and give customers peace of mind.

Selling across borders makes the already complicated returns process even more complex. But with returns service in more than 140 countries and territories, we offer retailers a chance to make things easier for all parties.

Provide customers with instructions, and give them the ability to track the package from their doors to yours. This helps to assure customers that they'll receive credit for their order and, if necessary, a replacement will be sent soon.

See How Returns Can Help You Move Forwards

Recommended Tools and Services

  • Flex Global View™

    Get total visibility across your supply chain
  • UPS Import Control

    Create shipping labels and commercial invoices for international vendors
  • UPS Paperless Invoice

    File electronic commercial invoices that speed data to customs
  • UPS TradeAbility

    Use our web-based tools to manage and track international shipments
  • World Ease®

    Consolidate shipments headed for the same country (or within the EU) for faster customs clearance