Contract Logistics - Supplier Management

Clear supplier hurdles so your business can stay on track.

With so many moving parts and processes involved when sourcing from multiple international vendors, you're vulnerable to missing scheduled deliveries—and the resulting inefficiencies and costs required to recover. Our experts provide visibility and guidance to proactively solve the challenges and orchestrate an inbound sourcing process that meets your business objectives.

Engage our expertise, facilities, and technology so you can sprint past supplier challenges like different time zones, languages, carriers, and distance, moving your core business forward.

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Who This Is For

Traditionally larger retailers and distributors but today any company with a global supply chain coordinating shipments from multiple vendors, locations and transport modes can benefit from using  UPS Supplier Mgmt.

Put Tools and Talent to Task

Combine the visibility and collaboration capabilities of our cloud-based software with our proven logistics and global resources, and you have a strategy for success. You'll be able to monitor orders from as early as a P.O. is generated, through shipping via all modes and carriers, straight through delivery. You can identify issues and collaborate with vendors and carriers to proactively devise a cost-effective solution early on, avoiding penalties, storage costs, inflated rates for partial containers, workforce inefficiencies... and dissatisfied customers.

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