UPS Ready® Support - Enterprise Resource Planning

Select from approved UPS Ready Programme providers who integrate UPS technology into their business applications and software solutions.

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AQXOLT offers a single powerful ERP application suite with its ERP MARK 7 product, AQXOLT has integrated UPS functionality into its suite of on-demand ERP Mark 7 application that gives a company's real-time information on internal core business processes operating across the entire organisation. Customers using the integrated solution can easily access critical shipping information without having to leave ERP MARK 7 or go to another website.

UPS integrated functionality adds a new level of customer service and functionality to a company's enterprise and web applications on a global scale. Companies that use ERP MARK 7 can now offer their customers the following UPS functionalities: UPS Tracking, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Address Validation and UPS Shipping.

AQXOLT is committed to applying the latest technology to enable our customers' e-business endeavours. By working with UPS, we can now bring you the most innovative transportation solutions for the edge you need.

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xCarrier® for SAP is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide native shipping and manifesting SAP solution. UPS technology and services are integrated into the xCarrier® for a SAP solution at no additional cost. This empowers SAP customers to perform UPS-compliant shipping directly from within SAP, thereby eliminating redundant business processes.

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