How do I pay for a C.O.D. package?

If the sender selected our Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) service, you must pay at the time of delivery. Please know that you cannot pay for C.O.D. shipments in advance and may not inspect a shipment without paying. 

Senders choose the accepted payment methods, which can include money orders or checks (whether company, personal, cashier's, or official bank checks). Checks should be made out to the sender. Online payments and credit cards are not accepted as valid forms of payment for C.O.D shipments. Everywhere except in the United States, cash is accepted if the client has previously accepted cash.

You can find the available payment methods for your C.O.D. shipment when you log into and track your package. 

The sender may also send you an email with this information as well as the amount due and delivery date. UPS My Choice® members will get that alert if they've chosen to receive Ship or Day Before Delivery notifications. 

If you're not available to provide payment on the delivery date, use UPS My Choice to redirect the package to another address or to have the package held at a UPS customer center or UPS Access Point™ location, where available. UPS My Choice service options vary by country.