CampusShip Support - Importing Reference Numbers

How To Import Reference Numbers

Administrators can create or import reference numbers and store them as lists. This allows company shippers to select or validate reference numbers from known values in lists. Here's how to import reference number lists:

  1. Select the Administration tab, and go to Manage Reference Numbers. Under one of the reference number list choices (you may have up to three), select Import Reference Numbers. The page that displays allows you to import a file of reference number information to add to an existing file or write over a list of existing reference numbers.
  2. To import a file, enter a file path and name, or Browse to the file location. After locating the file, select Open to populate the File to Import field.
    Note: The import file must have a .csv extension.
  3. After setting the file location, select the action for the imported file. The Add Imported Reference Numbers to List button appends reference number import files to the existing reference number list. The Write Over radio button writes over the existing reference number information with the newly imported files.
  4. Select Import to begin the process or Cancel to quit.

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Import File Format for Reference Numbers

Review the import file format table below for specific details about each information field. All files must be saved with a .csv extension with a comma as the field delimiter. For more information on saving .cvs files, see Gather Key Information under the Before You Begin section.

Using a comma as the field delimiter:
When importing information, use a comma to separate the information for each field. If a field is empty, a comma is required to "skip" to the next field.

  • Sample record with required field only:
    Reference Number Value,
  • Sample record with all fields:
    Reference Number Value, Reference Description

Field Name

Field Type

Maximum Field Length


Valid Values

Reference Value




Reference value unique per company

Reference Description




Description used to identify reference value

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