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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®

Express Shipping

Time-Critical Freight Solutions

When your shipment is critical, we can provide global access to virtually any kind of aircraft or vehicle. We’ll quickly assess the situation, identify transport alternatives and implement a delivery plan to meet time and cost needs. We’re so confident in this service, our own airline relies on it.
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Door-to-door, domestic and international air transport for any size shipment.

Our customized air service utilizing commercial airlines for over the counter and cargo services. Utilizing our expansive courier network, UPS Express Critical® service will expedite your pickup and select the optimal flight routing for a short time-in-transit. We provide direct shipment routing, bypassing hub and gateway locations so shipments reach their final destination quickly and efficiently. Commercial airlines not available? Let us leverage UPS Airlines for later departures to avoid losing precious time waiting for the first flight out the following day.

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Dedicated hand-carry/on-board courier services maintain constant contact with your shipment.

For critically urgent deliveries, staying on schedule matters most. With UPS Express Critical® Hand Carry, on time is our top priority. And, we’ll provide a courier to maintain physical possession—whenever possible—of your package throughout the delivery journey. These hand-carry services provides a dedicated courier within the U.S., as well as many international locations. And in many cases, this is the fastest international service available because of minimal check-in and transfer times. Set up service on an inbound or outbound basis, domestic or international and even offshore-to-offshore locations. When it matters most, we literally become one with your package.

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Global next-flight-out, charter and courier services.

Got a critical international shipment? Our international next-flight-out air service, exclusive charters and extensive coverage can get it there. We provide time-critical shipping to numerous industries, including airline aircraft-on-ground (AOG), automotive and electronics. You get access to a wide inventory of trucks, aircraft and flight schedules, with almost no shipment size or weight limitations. Plus, expedited customs clearance and surface delivery at your designated destination. Our multilingual specialists can provide an immediate response to help you assess urgent situations and put together a plan to handle it. That should keep help the competition on its heels.

See Terms and Conditions for additional information, conditions and limitations.

Express Shipping - For When Fast Isn't Fast Enough

When your high value and sensitive shipments need to be there in hours, not days, UPS Express Critical can handle it. Our fastest service for customers’ time-critical needs is available 24/7/365.

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