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Daily On-Route Collection

This alternative to Daily collection gives you the peace of mind of a regular collection, while at the same time, reduces impact to the environment.


A UPS Driver makes a collection at your location once each business day, while making deliveries in your area.


Weekly Billing TotalFee

Scheduled Pickup (Day 1)

€1.90 per week

Scheduled Pickup (Day 2)

€3.80 per week

Scheduled Pickup (Day 3)

€5.70 per week

Scheduled Pickup (Day 4)

€7.60 per week

Daily pickup with varying pick up time (on delivery route)

€8.50 per week

Daily pickup with scheduled pick up time

€9.50 per week

Smart Pickup

€7.50 per week

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These details pertain to Daily On-Route Collection:

  • UPS will pick up your packages even if there are no packages delivered.
  • No phone calls are needed to request a collection.
  • This option provides the convenience of an automatic Daily collection, while saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions from extra trips.
  • The option is ideal for customers who want a scheduled collection, but still want to have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Packages tendered at an alternate collection location incur UPS On-Call collection fees.
  • This option is available for all UPS services to and from any location in the U.S.
  • Available Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays.
  • A weekly service charge will apply based on the weekly invoice total.


  • The peace of mind of a regular collection
  • Reduced impact to the environment

Next Steps

Use your payment account to sign up for a regularly scheduled collection option.