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UPS Access Point Network™

24,000 additional reasons to buy from you.

UPS Access Point ™ sites. More flexibility for you. More control for your customers.

Customers expect today that they have the choice. That is why we have set up the UPS Access Point network.

We have more than 15,000 UPS access point locations in Europe (24,000 worldwide) - stores in the neighborhood that have opened in the evenings or weekends. This means that your customers do not have to wait for delivery at home, but can receive their packages when and where it suits them.

Returns are also easier. Online buyers would like to have it comfortable. At our hand-picked locations, you can easily submit your return and be sure it is delivered to you quickly and safely.

Thanks to our unique integrated network, this also works across national boundaries. Customers can easily send packages abroad or receive them in another country.

Studies have shown that the more delivery options you give them, the more likely you will be buying from them. And this is quite simple - our programming interface allows you to seamlessly connect to your IT systems.

Your UPS representative will be happy to explain how to use the 24,000 UPS access point locations to provide your customers with more delivery options.

With UPS My Choice®, you offer your customers even more flexibility.

With UPS My Choice, your customers can still think differently before delivery. You will be notified automatically, When a shipment is to be delivered. And if they do not suit them, they can redirect delivery to a UPS Access Point location to pick them up when they have time.

Learn how UPS My Choice helps your customers control delivery

UPS Access Point™

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