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Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping with UPS

UPS has been hard at work to ensure a smooth 2018 holiday season and to provide the reliable service that you trust us to deliver year-round. In preparation of the surge in online ordering that is expected during the holiday season, we have been expanding our global smart logistics network, which will provide increased capacity, real-time technology and operational efficiencies. 

Rest assured, we are ready to deliver during the holiday season and throughout the year.

UPS Holiday Season Guarantee

The UPS Money Back Guarantee is in effect in accordance with its normal terms throughout the holiday season subject to the following exceptions:

For UPS Express Plus®, UPS Express®, UPS Express 1200® and UPS Express Saver® packages collected in Germany on Friday December 21, the scheduled delivery date will be:

  • Saturday, December 22 for Saturday Express deliveries to Germany, Europe, New York and New Jersey
  • Monday, December 24 for UPS Express Plus®, UPS Express®, UPS Express 1200® deliveries to Germany
  • Wednesday, December 26 or Thursday, December 27 for EU destinations (depends on local bank holidays)
  • Wednesday, December 26 - Thursday, December 27 for worldwide destinations (depends on local bank holidays)
  • Thursday, December 27 for UPS Express Saver® deliveries to Germany

UPS Saturday Express shipments will be delivered until 17:00 on 15th and 22nd December 2018.

Holiday season service guarantees:

UPS Air and international Air packages* picked up or delivered within the United States are guaranteed throughout the holiday season. Commitment times for Air and international Air packages scheduled for delivery Nov.23, Dec. 17–22, Dec. 24, and Dec. 31 will be extended as follows:

UPS Next Day Air Early and UPS Worldwide Express Plus services will be extended by 90 minutes and all other Air and international Air services will be extended to end-of-day.

The guarantee is suspended for all UPS Ground shipments, including shipments to and from AK, HI and PR, and UPS Standard shipments picked up or scheduled for delivery Nov. 26–Dec. 24.

Visit ups.com for the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions. The information contained in this schedule and all service guarantees are subject to change.

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