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CampusShip Support - Change Users Locations

How To Change User Locations

In UPS CampusShip, you can modify individual user location assignments or select a group of users and change the group's location assignment all at once, saving time and effort.
Note: To use some export functions, you must have Company Administrator rights.

  1. Select Change User Location under Manage Users in the area at the left.
  2. Search for users by entering search words, or by specifying up to five Location Names.
  3. Select the checkbox next to any candidates from the search results.
    Note: Result sets can fill several pages. To navigate through a long list of results, use the Next and Previous links.
  4. To see a consolidated list of the indicated users, select View Selections. To proceed directly to the screen where you can change all user location assignments at once, select Change Location.
  5. On the Change Location screen, enter the new Location Name assignment. If you are unsure of the location spelling, select Search. After entering the new location name, select Change Location to change each selected user's location assignment to the new location.