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Technology Solutions

Proven technology for greater productivity.

Ship easier and make more informed decisions with tools and technologies designed to improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Better visibility lets you see where your budget's going, spot redundancies, and revise when and where needed, all in just a few clicks. And streamlined systems allows you to create efficiencies, centralize control, cut costs and reduce paper—from creating labels or tracking a package, to automating shipping processes.

Who This Is For

United States Department of Defense agencies and Defense contractors.

Simplify Your Shipping Processes

Automated Shipping

Quickly create shipping labels and waybills, import information from address books, and reduce the amount of key entry with our easy-to-use shipping systems. Choose from a variety of no-installation web-based services or software solutions, all of which integrate with most Department of Defense shipping systems (including GFM, CMOS and DSS). And gain better visibility into the shipment process while also identifying areas for efficiencies improvement with tracking tools.

Uncomplicated Cost Allocation

Don't just track your shipments, track your spending too. WorldShip and UPS CampusShip let you compare services and pricing so you can make the best choice before you hit "ship." And with customizable reference fields, you can speed billing analysis and cost allocation.

Along with easier reconciliation, you can simplify invoice management through a secure, online system that allows you to view and pay your UPS invoices. Handle multiple accounts and users within one simple interface, view shipment history, and even create custom reports.


If you're shipping items that require a State Department license (SDL), UPS makes compliance faster and easier. Electronic export filings, available in UPS shipping systems for both heavy freight and small package shipments, simplify procedures and help meet compliance with U.S. government regulations.

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