UPS Returns Technology

UPS Returns TechnologyAutomating returns enables your customers to make return requests from your company website. This puts the power of the industry's most extensive returns portfolio in the hands of your customers. If your company depends on e-commerce for revenue, your customers are already inclined to purchase online, so returns can become as efficient to process as customer orders.

Because your customer returns are processed online, they directly enter your system. As with all UPS Returns services, Returns Technology solutions give you visibility into where a return is from the moment the label is scanned at pickup, giving you the time and information you need to manage your inventory.

How It Works
A customer simply visits your website and submits a return request based on your company's return policies. A return label is provided by their browser, by e-mail, or both. Your customer prints and affixes the label to their package. He or she can then drop it off at a UPS location, hand it to a UPS driver, or request a pickup.

This solution can also be customized to meet your business needs. For shippers who want to develop and host their own solution, we offer the UPS Developer Kit Shipping API. Or if you would like a hosted, pre-built solution, ask about UPS Ready®.

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