Setup Overview

How To Get Started

Once your UPS CampusShip representative has enrolled your company, you will receive two e-mails:

  • One e-mail with your User ID and a URL to log in
  • A second e-mail with a temporary password

The following provides a brief overview of how to get started. All of the steps outlined below are detailed in separate sections of this guide.

UPS CampusShip Company Administrator (CSCA) Initial Login

UPS CampusShip Company Administrator (CSCA) Initial Log-On

Step 1 - Receive e-mail messages with log-in URL, ID, and password. Upon logging in, agree to Terms and Conditions.

Step 2 - Review and complete CSCA password information.

Company Setup

Company Setup

Step 1 - Review and edit initial company location information.

  • Edit your CSCA contact information; add or edit contact information for UPS CampusShip support.
  • Create or import additional locations. (Optional)

Step 2 - Review and edit default shipping privilege sets.

  • Create additional shipping privilege sets. (Optional)
  • Set default reference number action in privilege set. (Optional)

Step 3 - Create or import reference numbers. (Optional)

Step 4 - Create or import users.

  • Modify user privileges to reflect traveling user status or administrative authority, as needed.
  • Select or assign different default or custom shipping privilege sets to users. (Optional)

Step 5
- Create or import Corporate Address Book. (Optional)

UPS CampusShip is now ready to launch. The sections of this guide show you detailed steps to help your company´s authorized shippers use the new system.