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UPS Hundredweight Service
Download UPS Hundredweight Service Rating System
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Note: The downloadable UPS Hundredweight Service® Rating System executable file is being phased out by the end of 2013. Its last compatible OS version is Windows® 7. Please use the new web-based UPS Hundredweight Rating Tool to rate your shipments.

2013 UPS Hundredweight Service Rating System
Instructions for download and installation

  1. Select the link above to download and save to your selected destination.
  2. Once the file is saved, select the UPSCWT.exe file and select Yes to proceed with the install.
  3. The UPS Hundredweight Service Rating System Software License Agreement will appear. If you agree to the terms of the License Agreement, select Yes to proceed with the installation. If not, select No to end this process.
  4. In the Destination Directory dialog box, select Next to accept the default destination drive and directory for the Hundredweight System. Or, select Browse to choose another drive or directory. (If you select Browse, a standard dialog box appears for you to choose an existing drive or directory, or to create a new directory for the system. Once you select another drive or directory, select OK to confirm your choice. Select Next to continue.)
  5. In the Select Program Folder dialog box, select Next to choose UPS Hundredweight Service as the name for the Program Folder into which the system icons will be placed. Otherwise, type another name in the Program Folders field, or select an existing Program Folder from the Program Folders list. Once you have specified or selected a Program Folder, select Next to continue.
  6. The installation program now installs the Hundredweight System into the specified location, setting up icons for the system in the specified Program Folder.
  7. Select Finish to exit the installation process.

Instructions for Running the Program

For Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT® (Version 4.0), Windows XP, Windows Vista® (32 bit), and Windows® 7 (32 bit):

Select the Start button, select Programs, select the UPS Hundredweight Service Program folder, and then select the UPS Hundredweight Service icon.

If you have a shortcut for the UPS Hundredweight Service System on the desktop, select the shortcut.

Note: The software includes two fuel surcharge values, one for your UPS Ground shipments and one for your UPS Air (including 3 Day Select®) shipments. In the event of changes to the fuel surcharge, select the link below.
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