UPS Value-Added Services Comparison
These are extra services you can add to your shipping selection to meet a complete range of shipping needs.
Shipping Option
Available for:
UPS 10 KG Box® and UPS 25 KG Box®
Simplify and save on your international shipping with fixed rates for UPS Express® shipments
Most countries
UPS carbon neutral
Offset the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of your shipment
Some countries
Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)
Rely on our drivers to collect payment for your shipment at the time of delivery
Most countries
Declared Value
Enter a declared value for domestic packages and international shipments in excess of US$100.00 (or local currency equivalent).
Most countries
Deliver to Addressee Only
Ensure your package can only be picked up by the person you designate on the address label; available for shipping to UPS Access Point™ locations only
Most countries
Delivery Confirmation
Verify that your shipment was delivered with your choice of signature or adult signature options
Most countries
Direct Delivery Only
Ensure your package is delivered to the address on the shipping label only, preventing the package from being rerouted to another address or location
Some countries
Hold for Pickup
At no additional charge, we can hold your package up to five days
Most countries
Notification Services
Track the status of critical shipments with e-mail notifications
Most countries
Package Release Code
Create and provide a four- to six-digit code for customer verification when shipping to UPS Access Point™ locations only (Note: UPS does not communicate the code on your behalf)
Some countries
UPS Returns®
Simplify the process of collecting customer returns
Most countries
UPS ReturnsSM Plus
Send a UPS driver, with a return label in hand, to your customer
Most countries
Saturday Delivery
Stretch your business week with Saturday Delivery
Most countries
Saturday Pickup
Get the same delivery commitment as a package shipped on a Friday
Most countries
Shipper Release
Authorize a delivery without a signature requirement
Most countries
Verbal Confirmation of Delivery
Receive confirmation by telephone that UPS delivered your urgent morning shipment
Most countries
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