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Inventory Management/Asset Management
Select from approved UPS Ready Program providers who integrate UPS technology into their business applications and software solutions.

Datarithm Inventory Management

Datarithm develops highly specialized systems and software applications designed to help pharmacies streamline tasks, reduce inventory, recoup inventory dollars via balancing, and improve customer service levels.

We provide pharmacy with value driven inventory control software designed to optimize prescription drug inventories.

Founded in 2005 as RxNetServices we pioneered store-to-store inventory transfers. In 2011, RxNetServices was renamed Datarithm to better reflect our growing range of innovative services, including the automation of inventory forecasting and cycle counting.

  • Our Forecasting Tool performs an in-depth analysis of historical transaction data, selects and deploys the "best-fit" lowest error algorithm to precisely forecast future demand and optimize reorder points and quantities.
  • Our Balancing Tool reveals positions of overstocking and makes automated recommendations for "cold-to-hot" store-to-store transfers. Additionally, the system provides return alerts for both in-date and short-dated inventory.
  • Our configurable Cycle Counting Tool assures precise on-hand counts and provides potential drug diversion flags.

We are proud to have partnered with UPS. Their integrated UPS Shipping, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Address Validation, and UPS Tracking allows Pharmacies to benefit from easily accessible UPS services. This means greater automation of inventory, store-to-store transfers, and more control for you, the customer.

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Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory
Fishbowl Inventory is the No. 1 inventory management software for QuickBooks users. It gives small and midsize businesses access to the same inventory management tools that large corporations use. Fishbowl Inventory is also UPS Ready certified, allowing users to check rates and ship products directly from Fishbowl without having to open a Web browser. In addition, Fishbowl offers tools that let customers manage their contacts and inventory from mobile devices.

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Jazva is a cloud-based complete business solution designed to enable high-volume order processing and shipping through intelligent automation of purchasing & fulfillment processes. Suitable for B2C and B2B in any industry, Jazva is geared towards companies embracing growth and seeking a comprehensive solution to manage it.

Jazva readily integrates the processes of order fulfillment, shipping and purchasing within its system to automate tasks and collect real-time and reliable sales data. Data collected from customer browsing habits and orders, along with a merchant's purchasing activity and real-time inventory status, helps merchants make crucial business decisions. Jazva also offers infinite flexibility to its users, allowing companies to employ their own business rules while using its engine.

The Jazva cloud-based platform can be set-up within days without requiring plug-ins or long-term development. Jazva links to a merchant's online store and product catalog, where the merchant's existing data will be converted as needed. Merchants enjoy a seamless experience when transitioning to the system.

Jazva proudly serves customers in the fashion, toys & games, auto parts and healthcare industries. Founded in 2010, Jazva's corporate headquarters and development team are based in Los Angeles.

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