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Printing Labels and Receipts
Quickly print your labels and receipts after submitting your shipment information--or reprint from your shipping history.

How To Change Your Printing Preferences
Your labels and receipts print to your default laser or inkjet printer.

If you'd like to print to your UPS Thermal Printer, you can either make this change during individual shipment creation or set this as a preference.

To make your thermal printer your preference:

  • Expand the Shipping tab at the top of the page and choose Set Preferences
  • Under the Printing Preferences section, select View/Edit
  • Check either Use my UPS Thermal Printer to print labels or Use my UPS Thermal Printer to print receipts

Note: The UPS Thermal Printer is not available in all countries.

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How To Print a Sample Label
Clearly printed labels help with smooth shipment processing. To check your printer quality:

  1. Expand the Shipping tab at the top of the page and select Set Preferences
  2. Select View/Edit under Printing Preferences
  3. Choose Print a Sample Label

Once you've got your printed label, make sure:

  • The ink is dark and evenly printed from top to bottom
  • Addresses are legible
  • Barcode lines are distinct
  • Graphic images appear correct
  • Your printer is configured to portrait page orientation

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How To Print Shipment Labels and Receipts
  1. During shipment completion select the appropriate label and receipt checkboxes to view and print. To automatically select the checkboxes each time you ship, update your shipping preferences; you can always uncheck any item that you don't need to print.

  2. When printing to a laser or inkjet printer, all labels display in a one new browser window. Wait for the window to load completely, then select Print. If you are printing to a UPS Thermal Printer, the labels will print automatically.

    Note: For older browsers that don't support this functionality, each label will display in a separate browser window. You will need to select Print from the File menu on your browser.)

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How To Create and Print Return Labels
Note: Return Services are not available in all countries.

There are two ways you can create a return label on ups.com®.

  1. After printing your outgoing shipment labels and receipt, select Create a Return from the shipment confirmation page. From there:
    • Fill in any required information
    • Select View/Print to launch a new browser window
    • If you are using a laser or inkjet printer, wait for the window to load completely before selecting Print from your browser's File menu
    • If you are using a UPS Thermal Printer, the labels will print automatically

  2. You can also select Create a Return from the Shipping tab at the top. Provide the address, return service, UPS service, and packaging information, then follow the View/Print steps above.

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How to Reprint Labels and Receipts
If your label and/or receipt do not print during shipment creation, you have the option of reprinting them from your shipping history.

  • Use the Shipping tab at the top to select View History.
  • Choose the shipment for which you would like to reprint the label and/or receipt.
  • Select the Show Detail/Receipt button.
  • Select the Use My UPS Thermal Printer to Print Labels checkbox if you have a thermal printer installed and wish to reprint your label using your thermal printer. Leave this checkbox blank if you wish to reprint your label to a laser or inkjet printer.
  • Select View/Print Label.

Note: Your shipments should appear in your history within 15 minutes of shipment processing. You have 24 hours to reprint any necessary labels or receipts.
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How To Reprint Export Documents
To reprint export documents, use the Shipping tab at the top of the page to select View History. From there, you will select International Forms to see your completed or partially completed export forms.

The export documents associated with each shipment will appear in a separate browser window. Use the new window's File menu to select Print and reprint the documents you need.
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Find Help for Thermal Printers
From system and browser requirements to downloading the printer driver, learn how to install your UPS Thermal Printer.

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