Tracking Help

How to Track a Shipment

Keep a Close Eye on Your Shipments

Tracking on® is simple: just use tracking numbers or reference codes to quickly find your shipment's status and keep ahead of any potential problems.

If you're tracking a large number of shipments, import up to 100 tracking numbers to be tracked at one time, and get your results emailed to you or download them to a CSV file.

You can also store up to 50 tracking numbers and request automatic, proactive status updates so you--and your customers--always have the latest delivery status.

Billing Solutions

How to Improve Cash Flow with UPS

Stay Organized and Never Miss a Payment

Sign up for our billing software and set up e-mail notifications and alerts, so you know when new invoices are ready and when payments are due.

You can also create reports and sort by client codes to help speed the billing process.