Sustainable Manufacturing at Liberty Bottleworks

From Economics to Eco-friendliness

As we see change in our financial and environmental climates, more companies are giving more thought to sustainable business practices.

At UPS, we make a daily effort to work more efficiently, more sustainably. We believe in designing the best use of all our resources--human, financial, product, transportation--and providing the strongest organization possible for our community, locally and globally.

Sustainable Efficiencies Reduce Your Carbon Footprint--and Save Money

We're committed to making our company and our customers more efficient and making sure those efficiencies are repeatable.

One way we do that is minimizing the miles we drive and the minutes spent idling. This helps us maximize the number of pickups and deliveries we make with every gallon of fuel we use.

On a larger scale, our integrated service network--express, ground, domestic, international, commercial, and residential--allows for better mode optimization as we can shift transportation services and speeds to fit individual needs.

Our entire global network is designed and managed with the same philosophy. Our sorting facilities and transport hubs are strategically placed and connected by road, rail, and air to major population centers.

On a daily basis, our optimized network moves goods for our customers at a level of efficiency they could not otherwise achieve by themselves--saving carbon and money, too.

Ways We Can Help You Conserve

  • UPS Smart Pickup
    UPS Smart Pickup

    Saves fuel and reduces emissions by scheduling pickups only when needed

  • UPS Billing Center
    UPS Billing Center

    Helps eliminate wasted paper and save natural resources with electronic bills