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Introducing UPS CONNECT

Your business launched with big dreams--and big decisions--ahead. And as you move forward,
expert advice and direction can be invaluable.

UPS CONNECT links your business to special savings, tools, and a team of logistics specialists who can help you boost efficiency--and your odds of success--for free.

Talk with Our Specialists

Get Expert Advice with UPS CONNECT

Brainstorm new strategies for long-term growth or just ask a quick question--our dedicated team is ready to help.

Save on Shipping & Pickups

Special Savings and Free Smart Pickups with UPS CONNECT

Link a new or existing account to exclusive savings: 20% off air and international, 10% off ground, and a free year of UPS Smart Pickup®.*

Use Timesaving Technologies

Access Timesaving Technologies with UPS CONNECT

Knock out your shipping and tracking fast with our free online tools, and then focus on the things that will move your business forward.

What is UPS Smart Pickup?

UPS Smart Pickup automatically alerts your driver to swing by whenever you print a label. That's less for you to worry about and more time for you to take care of other business.

As a bonus, UPS CONNECT gives you a free one-year trial of the service. All you need to do is link your new or existing account to our special discounts and select "UPS Smart Pickup" as your preferred pickup option.

Anything else I should know?

In addition to the exclusive offers and free business consultations, you get access to an 800 number for all your questions as well as the latest business insights, including case studies, research, and trends to watch.

*To learn more about UPS CONNECT, check out our FAQ and Terms and Conditions.