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Many companies--especially startups--don't anticipate how much time it can take to ship, track, and answer customer questions about anticipated shipments. The time required can feel overwhelming, but our tools can help make the process faster and more efficient.

Automated Shipping

Think about how much time you and your staff spend copying and pasting redundant information each day--this adds up, in minutes and money.

Automate processes with our easy-to-use shipping systems and see how you can quickly create shipping labels and bills of lading, import information from address books, and reduce key entry--and keystroke errors.

Most small businesses use UPS Internet Shipping, which allows you to create one shipment at a time or batch up to 250 shipments at once.

UPS Tracking Technology

Shipment Tracking

Consolidate your shipping--envelopes, packages, even freight--and track all of your shipments in one place. UPS Tracking keeps you informed about all your shipments, letting you tackle potential issues before they become major problems.

Our tracking capabilities also help you build customers' confidence and satisfaction. Set up automatic, proactive tracking alerts for your customers and help them answer their own questions and ease worries. Just select "Send E-mail Notifications" while creating shipments, and we'll update your customers on their shipment status before they even have a chance to call and ask. Fewer phone calls means less time calming nervous customers and more time to focus on growing your business.

Uncomplicated Cost Allocation

Efficiently tracking invoices and billing is critical to improving your company's cash flow. Use the reference fields in our shipping tools to enter vendor codes, purchase order numbers, even phrases that identify the shipment. Those quick codes help you monitor your expenses as well as speed your cost allocation and customer billing processes.

See where your budget's going, identify areas that could benefit from greater efficiency, and revise when and where needed.

Online Billing

Along with easier cost reconciliation, we offer easier invoice management. UPS Billing Center is a secure, online location where you can view, manage, and pay your UPS invoices. View shipment history, create custom reports, and even handle multiple accounts and users within one interface.

Sign up for UPS Billing Center and receive e-mail notifications when new invoices are available, then set additional alerts for payments due and payments confirmed.

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