Fraud Prevention

Protect Your Customer--and Your Business

Your customers expect the right shipment, on time and intact. When fraudulent activity sours the customer experience, your business--though perhaps not at fault--is likely to pay the price.

Business leaders currently report an almost one percent loss of online sales to fraud, according to Internet Retailer. Keep your customers satisfied and loyal with solutions that help you limit the risk.

Verify at the Time of Purchase

Authenticate purchases quickly and easily, even for international customers. UPS Capital® Credit Card Fraud Protection ensures safe, secure transactions online.

Divert Packages

Should you realize that fraudulent activity has occurred after the package has shipped, UPS Delivery Intercept® lets you return, redirect, or hold a package using your automated UPS shipping or tracking system.

Give Your Customers Control

Extend that same convenience--and security--to your customers with UPS My Choice®.

UPS My Choice lets your customers redirect, reschedule, or give authorization online for UPS to deliver their packages without a signature when they won't be home to sign in person.

And our authentication requirements aid the confirmation of the identity of each new UPS My Choice member during the registration process, helping to minimize fraudulent and misdirected shipments.

Get Visual Proof

UPS Signature Tracking® gives you and your customers assurance that packages reach the right hands. We offer immediate proof of delivery--an image of the signature along with the full delivery address--and let you relax knowing your package is exactly where it should be.

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