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Logistics Solutions for High-tech Startups

Every business is different. Products vary, situations alter, and people are unique. But there are common challenges. And we're helping small businesses meet those challenges every day.

Meet some of our customers--companies like yours, helped by our solutions.

  • 4Moms Improves Cash Flow with UPS Capital
    Meet: 4Moms
    More cash means more money for product development. See how we can help you focus on innovation.
  • Limor Fried, Adafruit Industries
    Meet: Adafruit
    From her apartment to the world: see how we help with the day-to-day logistics so Limor Fried can focus on innovation.
  • Meet: Beau Coup
    Meet: Beau-coup
    The perfect marriage of products and service--this company makes the search for wedding favors a piece of cake.
  • E-commerce Solutions for Budget Golf
    Meet: Budget Golf
    E-commerce buoyed sales and bottlenecked shipping--see how we helped increase efficiency and value.
  • DITTO designer eyewear
    Meet: DITTO
    Custom products don't always require a long wait. See how DITTO puts customers' needs first--and delivers fast.
  • Meet: EndoChoice
    Meet: EndoChoice
    See how we prepared this small business for explosive growth--and more than $50 million in annual sales.
  • Global Success for Fondarific
    Meet: Fondarific
    Unable to deny growing demand, these entrepreneurs rely on UPS to help capture sweet global success.
  • Meet: Heidi's Heavenly Cookies
    Meet: Heidi's Heavenly Cookies
    Her special packages require special delivery solutions. See how we help Heidi keep her cookies fresh and her customers happy.
  • Hypoxico
    Meet: Hypoxico
    Every second counts in competitive sports--and when you're delivering to world-class athletes. See how we help deliver a winning experience.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing at Liberty Bottleworks
    Meet: Liberty Bottleworks
    Manufacturing reusable bottles and American jobs, this company is built for sustainability.
  • Meet: Lumi
    Meet: Lumi
    Innovative product design inspires customers' creativity. Flexible delivery inspires customers' confidence.
  • Meet: Mayer Fabrics
    Meet: Mayer Fabrics

    Weave out impact. See how partnering with UPS can help you offset your carbon footprint and gain a competitive edge.

  • Meet: The Right Slice
    Meet: The Right Slice

    Shipping a pie? Piece of cake. See how The UPS Store can help you safely pack your products--no matter how fragile.

  • Vivo Technology
    Meet: Vivo Technology
    See how streamlining shipping and warehouse operations can save money, reduce errors, and prepare you for growth.
  • Sustainable Solutions for West Paw Design
    Meet: West Paw Design
    From product to delivery, see how this company makes sustainability a key part of its process.

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