Managing Cash Flow

4Moms Improves Cash Flow with UPS Capital

Billing Solutions to Help You Get Paid Faster

Growth doesn't happen without investment, and you can't invest if your money is tied up because you're waiting for payment. We can help you expedite payments and make sure your money works harder.

Ease day-to-day cash flow management with UPS Billing Center, our easy, online tool that lets you quickly track and pay your shipping bills. This faster access to invoices also helps you promptly bill your customers for certain items--like brokerage costs--that are included in your UPS invoices. Be sure to use the reference fields when creating shipments to help you code these charges and speed allocation.

If you ship cash on delivery, consider UPS Capital C.O.D. Secure. Your customers' C.O.D. payments are automatically transferred into your bank account, generally two to three business days after shipment delivery. Since there are no physical checks to process, you'll reduce monthly fees, and--in the event that one of the checks is dishonored upon deposit--UPS Capital will pay you for that item, up to a specific limit.

Get Working Capital into Your Supply Chain Earlier

Importing inventory can really restrict cash flow if your overseas suppliers require payment at the time of shipment. With your money-generating items still in transit, finances can get a bit tight--UPS Capital Cargo Finance® can help. When you use our reliable freight services--ground, ocean, or air--we can advance funds against your inventory, letting you increase working capital, improve relationships with suppliers, and gain greater efficiencies in your supply chain.

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