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Confronting critical paths in real-time resolves compliance issues faster and keeps your business moving. Gain the competitive advantage by anticipating and managing trade regulations compliance and evaluating international partners. Get up-to-date regulations and licensing information, watch lists and forms, and accurate landed cost estimates with UPS TradeAbility Application Programming Interfaces (API).

TradeAbility API on Your Website

The UPS TradeAbility API is a suite of APIs that works to give you the information and services to manage international trade processes--all from a single Web interface. It works with your business applications seamlessly once integrated by your developers or programmers in your IT department.

UPS TradeAbilty APIs are available in the latest XML technology which adds a new level of customer service and functionality to your enterprise or e-commerce website. The documentation needed to integrate the APIs is free for your programmers or IT department resources to download and comes with e-mail technical support.

TradeAbility APIs

  • Denied Party Screener - Using just one source, find out in moments who is on the U.S. government watch lists, ensuring current and accurate compliance with government regulations.
  • Export License Detector - Access the latest U.S. export license requirements based on destination country or commodity information, reducing the risk of fines and sanctions.
  • Import Compliance - Reduce border delays by maximizing compliance with country-specific trade relations, procedures, and restrictions before you import. Import Compliance transaction details will be stored and can be accessed for 90 days.
  • Landed Cost - Estimate the cost of your international shipment, including duties, customs fees, and taxes. It enables you to forecast net profitability, minimize returned orders, and better serve your customers.

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