Our program includes 35 activities performed at origin to facilitate flawless transport and import of your goods. We also provide access to detailed reporting throughout the process. These activities are grouped into five categories:

Vendor Compliance and Order Management
Be assured that what you order is what you will receive.  We manage your supplier, order, and shipment details.

Global Information Management
Receive alerts when action is required with our regular tracking of events and milestones, as well as reporting of progress and exceptions.

Global Distribution Management
Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes consolidation, pick and pack, pre-distribution, warehousing, distribution center by-pass, customs clearance, and even integrated solutions for end-to-end handling.

Document Management
We manage and monitor your documents to ensure information accuracy and consistency with your purchase order, and to track your customs clearance progress.

Transportation Management
Know your products are delivered at the right time, to the right place, in the right way with UPS managing local and international transportation. You can leverage our global network and proven experience to meet your transportation management and freight shipping needs.

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