Synchronization and structure
Ensure your supply chain runs smoothly

Gain Control with Supplier Management

Sourcing your goods internationally usually means dealing with multiple suppliers located all over the world. Let our logistics expertise clear obstacles: we bridge time zones, cultures, distance, and languages to help improve your business' reliability and reduce costs.

Streamlining Your Supply Chain

Our vendor management services, enabled by the cloud-based technology platform UPS Order Watch®, let you proactively manage the front end of your supply chain and increase your global visibility, without investing in expensive technology or resources.

We use your detailed uploaded purchase order information to:

  • Work with your suppliers at origin to prevent stock-outs, shortages, and delivery delays
  • Make arrangements for pickup, handling, and air or ocean freight transport
  • Provide detailed in-transit inventory visibility through UPS Order Watch

Building tighter connectivity with your vendors enables shorter lead times and more reliable fulfillment.

Online Access to Vital Information

Supplier management services give you vital order, item, and vendor information earlier in the fulfillment process. This gives you more control over inbound purchase orders and can lower your costs through:

  • Better container utilization
  • Reduced on-hand inventory
  • Fewer expedited shipments
  • More efficient operations

Using standard operating procedures, your purchase orders, and UPS Order Watch, we monitor your inbound shipments and alert you to any deviations from plan. Access this information online when you need it via Flex Global View™.

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