UPS My Choice®

Creating Value for Your Customers

Truly serving your customers means doing more than just delivering a good product--it means delivering an excellent experience from beginning to end. And when you can give customers great service, you'll drive customer loyalty, positive word of mouth, and repeat sales.

So, how do you do that?

Keeping Your Customers Coming Back
To build customer loyalty, you've got to do more than create an online store that's easy to navigate. You've got to provide more than detailed product descriptions and offer more than a streamlined checkout process.

But what can your website offer to set you apart from the competition, keep customers coming back, and give them greater control over their home deliveries?

The answer--UPS My Choice.

Giving Your Customers Greater Control
As the first consumer product of its kind, UPS My Choice extends a great customer experience for those retailers wanting to offer the most convenience to their customers.

Only UPS offers its customers the ability to manage home deliveries around their busy schedules and not the other way around--that helps eliminate missed deliveries.

With UPS My Choice Delivery Alerts, your customers get the most up-to-date information about their deliveries.

They can give authorization online for UPS to deliver packages without a signature when they won't be home to sign in person.

And with two membership levels to choose from, UPS My Choice and UPS My Choice Premium, your customers decide how much control is needed when it comes to managing their home deliveries.

Impacting Your Bottom Line
When you make UPS My Choice part of your online shopping experience, you create an opportunity where you may

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Notice repeat sales and increased revenues
  • Receive fewer calls to your Customer Service Representatives
  • Have fewer returns

And you can do all this with no additional expense and virtually no effort.

Beyond Convenience--Peace of Mind
Enhanced authentication requirements allow UPS to confirm the identity of each UPS My Choice Member during the registration process. To successfully complete the registration process, customers must correctly answer questions created specifically for them to help confirm their identity.

Once completed, a confirmation letter is mailed to the new member's address. Customers have an opportunity to confirm their membership or cancel it if they didn't register for a UPS My Choice Membership. And all delivery change requests are submitted through our secure website, minimizing fraudulent or misdirected shipments.

Getting Started
Contact UPS to find out how to add UPS My Choice to

  • Your website
  • Order summary pages
  • Order confirmation pages
  • Order confirmation e-mails
  • Collateral information included with customer's purchases
UPS My Choice creates a sustainable competitive advantage to help you retain your current customers and win business from your competitors.