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Responsible Services

Responsible Services

An Efficient Supply Chain is a Green Supply Chain

Your business has its own unique needs and challenges. To remain competitive, you need a design for your supply chain that capitalizes on the most efficient methods available for sourcing, manufacturing, transporting, fulfilling orders, and managing returns. Whether you own your network assets or outsource your logistics and transportation, UPS can make your supply chain more efficient, saving you time and money.

We will work with you to determine how to best design, engineer and gain maximum benefit from your supply chain while reducing your carbon footprint. From site and transportation optimization to distribution center process design, your supply chain can become a more effective component of your operations. UPS offers a variety of services that tie distribution tactics to your company's strategic goals. If you're looking for ways to reconfigure your distribution network to accommodate carbon-reduction strategies, we can help. Our primary eco-responsible services include:

Carbon Impact Analysis

As your partner, we can help you measure, manage, and mitigate your climate impact without sacrificing productivity. A UPS Carbon Impact Analysis will calculate the carbon emissions of your UPS shipments so you can more precisely measure the climate impact of your shipping.

Package Design and Test Lab

As the world's largest package delivery company, we have lots of experience with packaging and can help you become more environmentally efficient with your own packaging. Our Package Design and Test Lab can help you make your shipping materials more environmentally responsible. We look at content, configuration and even the closure method and measure their effectiveness. We also have package optimization services to help you meet retailer or supplier standards, always with damage minimization in mind to reduce the need for replacement shipments. These improvements can help you use less paper through "just right" packaging and use less fuel by reducing the need for replacement shipments.

Transportation Management

When it comes to improving route planning, reducing mileage, and optimizing fleet utilization, you are always looking for ways to be more efficient, reduce costs, and reduce your impact on the environment. Now look to UPS. By utilizing UPS Logistics Technology routing, scheduling and dispatching software, your fleet can function in a more sustainable way as well as reduce transportation costs and improve routing, customer service, and increase overall efficiencies. And every vehicle can have an impact. Currently, more than 140,000 customer vehicles are using this technology, which is shaving 823.7 million miles off of driving routes and eliminating roughly 1.3 million metric tons of CO2 annually.

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