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Responsible Choices

Responsible Choices

Eco-Friendly Online Billing

Reduce paper use and increase billing efficiency with electronic, or paperless, billing from UPS. You can easily and securely view your shipping bills online, cutting down on paper waste and expense. Online billing can also help reduce the time it takes to invoice customers and reconcile payments.

We have options sure to fit your needs:

  • UPS Billing Center is an online tool for customers to view and pay their domestic and import invoices and manage multiple accounts from a central location.
  • UPS Billing Data, in combination with the Billing Analysis Tool, allows users to receive complete billing information that can be customized to create reports. Available in multiple countries, it can help customers manage global transportation through a single billing channel.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a solution for large-volume shippers. It automatically transfers billing data between UPS and the user's accounting system, consolidating invoices and streamlining the billing process.

Reduce Waste with Paperless Invoices

UPS Paperless® Invoice can reduce customs holds up to 56%, all while saving three sheets of paper per shipment. If all UPS customers went paperless, it could save 86 million sheets of paper annually. UPS Paperless Invoice works seamlessly with WorldShip®, UPS CampusShip®, UPS Internet Shipping, and UPS Ready® vendor systems, and approved host manifest shipping systems. There's no need for any additional software, and it's free.

Smart Pickups Save Fuel

Save money and reduce your environmental impact by scheduling pickups only when you need them. Simply change your daily pickup to to UPS Smart Pickup®. When you process your shipment through WorldShip, UPS Internet Shipping, or UPS CampusShip, a pickup is automatically scheduled, so there are no wasted trips. You save money by selecting our most environmentally-friendly and low-cost pickup option, and UPS saves on fuel costs by reducing driver visits. We both help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Streamline with Reverse Logistics

Whether offering return options to your customers or implementing reverse logistics along your supply chain, our variety of UPS returns and reverse logistics solutions lets you match speed to need so there's no wasted effort or wasted trips.

The UPS Store® Experts Keep You Efficient 

Fewer reshipped packages and reduced packing materials mean a lower climate impact. Trust the Certified Packing Experts at The UPS Store to keep shipments safe and environmentally efficient. Many locations also offer programs to recycle packaging peanuts, printer cartridges, and cell phones.

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