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Gain greater control and insight
into your pickup events

Take the guesswork out of your LTL pickups

With UPS Freight® Pickup Notifications for LTL, you have unprecedented visibility into the entire pickup process. Receive alerts when:

  • The pickup is scheduled, completed, or delayed
  • Your UPS Freight driver is on his way to your location

We'll send an email alert when your pickup is the next stop on the driver's route, helping to ensure the shipper is prepared for the pickup. Need to re-schedule the pickup? No problem. The notification message links to our website where you can easily re-schedule or cancel the pickup.

You can even identify the shipment using your own internal shipment number. This helps you keep track of your inventory, and helps to ensure that your driver completes the pickup quickly and accurately.

With a new level of control and insight into pickup events, you can run your business more efficiently and serve your customers better.

Getting started is simple. Pickup Notifications for LTL is free of charge and available to customers scheduling a UPS Freight pickup on ups.com, WorldShip® (using WorldShip 2012 or later) or My LTL Freight. This feature is available for direct service points in the 48 contiguous United States. It is not available for shipments loaded by a shipper in a dropped or spotted trailer.

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