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One Driver

One Driver Advantage

The UPS one-driver advantage is one way we achieve decarbonization synergy. It gives you a single driver to handle all your package pickups and deliveries, which means fewer trips to your business, less fuel consumed, and a reduction in emissions output.

On a larger scale, a simple yet powerful example of decarbonization synergy is our ability to handle all categories of service (express, ground, domestic, international, commercial and residential) through one integrated pickup and delivery service network, whereas many of our competitors use parallel service networks to handle different categories of services. By eliminating this redundancy throughout our global logistics network, we're able to use all assets more efficiently and achieve far greater carbon avoidance. In 2008 and 2009, we prevented absolute emissions of 5.44 million metric tonnes of CO2 from customer shipments and cargo.

We continuously seek to reduce our carbon intensity regardless of our absolute emissions, because this is how we make the world's logistics operate more efficiently for the environment.

Because we proactively manage so many of the technical, logistical and behavioral factors that are essential to environmental performance, we can make decisions on multiple factors that increase energy and emissions efficiency more than any single factor could alone.

The Power of Multi-modal Shifting

By managing the above mentioned factors internally we can operate our modal shifting strategy at a high level, with each mode of transport used in an optimum way. We also invested in advanced IT and measurement capabilities, which now create synergies in many different areas.

Our entire global network is designed and managed with the same philosophy. Our sorting facilities and transport hubs are strategically placed and modally connected to major population centers. Road, rail, air, and shipping hubs are connected by one of the world's largest private IT systems. On a daily basis, our load-optimized network moves goods for our customers at a level of efficiency they could not otherwise achieve by themselves--which in turn dramatically reduces the total carbon emitted for all our customers.

Looking ahead, we believe that decarbonization synergy will enable us to incorporate emerging, environmentally-friendly fuels and technologies into our network in a way that benefits both our economic and environmental bottom lines.

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