Easily Manage Small Business Shipping Costs

Take Control of Your Accounting and Billing

QuickBooks plus UPS Billing Center equals Time Savings

Managing finances can be intimidating--but it doesn't have to be.

Simplify your accounting and billing processes while easily managing shipping costs by using QuickBooks® from Intuit®--a UPS Ready® provider--and the UPS Billing Center hand-in-hand. QuickBooks helps you stay up-to-date on your accounts receivables. Plus, QuickBooks is integrated with UPS technology, so you can process both US and international shipments quickly in the QuickBooks Shipping Manager. Then, accelerate viewing, managing, and paying your shipping invoices online in the secure UPS Billing Center.

While QuickBooks makes accounting and shipping with UPS faster, UPS Billing Center speeds up shipping cost allocation. Added together, this helps save you time and money, freeing you up to grow your small business.

A Closer Look: Benefits of QuickBooks and UPS Billing Center


Manage your small business with accounting software from Intuit

  • Organize your finances:
    Manage your company's sales and expenses while creating reliable records for easy reference.
  • Create invoices: 
    Use QuickBooks to keep up with customer purchases and payments.
  • Manage shipping:
    Choose from UPS services (including air, ground, and UPS Mail Innovations®), obtain UPS rate and time-in-transit estimates, validate shipping addresses, print both US and international UPS shipping labels, and track shipments--all from QuickBooks.
  • View your UPS Negotiated Rates:
    Accurately invoice customers and allocate shipping costs upfront by enabling your UPS Negotiated Rates within QuickBooks. 

UPS Billing Center

View and pay your UPS invoices at ups.com

  • View and manage UPS shipping invoices:
    With orders coming in, shipping is an important part of your business. UPS Billing Center offers a central location to view, manage, and pay UPS invoices--for package as well as ground, ocean, and air freight shipments.
  • Improve financial performance:
    With 24/7 access to the UPS Billing Center and no need to wait for paper bills to arrive, you can review, analyze, and allocate shipping charges faster, then bill for services earlier.
  • Increase efficiencies:
    To save time on shipment invoicing, take advantage of UPS Billing Center capabilities such as customizable reporting, batch and automatic payments, invoice notifications, and administrative options for multiple users.

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