Integrating UPS Technology

"Work smarter" isn't just something to say.
It's something you can actually do.

We work hard to help you work smart. Our technologies--integrated into your system or your website--streamline processes, reduce errors, and share data across your enterprise. And with that vital information delivered where and when you need it, you can allocate more time to work that'll actually grow your business.

So, start working even smarter than you have been. We're here to help.

UPS Customer Technology Program

UPS Customer Technology Program

Purchase best-in-class, affordably-priced shipping hardware and software at UPS negotiated rates

UPS Developer Kit

Developer Kit

Integrate UPS functionality into your applications and business systems with UPS Developer Kit Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)



Streamline your supply chain with integrated solutions for your package, LTL, and freight shipment processing

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