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Focus on Your Customer Experience

Your guests are looking for a little fun and relaxation, but providing a seamless experience requires a lot of work behind the scenes. We're here to help.

UPS services and technologies help reduce processing time and improve workflow. Our solutions help shipments get into the right hands at the right time. They help you look good for your guests.

Speed Shipment Preparation

Integrate WorldShip® with your company's existing customer data and get packages out the door faster. WorldShip provides access to all our shipping services and lets you generate shipping labels and other forms, while keeping track of your shipping history and reducing the need for repetitive key entry. It even captures billing information, making accounting more efficient.

Plus, WorldShip lets you easily set up Quantum View® e-mail notifications, so you and your customers know where shipments are and when they'll arrive. That means fewer calls at your call center and more time for your Customer Service staff to focus on high-priority issues.

Advanced Tracking Gives Broader Perspective

Get a more complete view of your shipping activity with Quantum View® Manage. This customizable Web-based application gives you up-to-date information about inbound and outbound shipments, allowing you to pinpoint and resolve potential issues.

Ever had trouble locating a package that's already been delivered? UPS Trackpad® helps businesses with large campuses and centralized mailrooms, giving your mail staff the ability to track shipments from dock to desk. 

Simplify Your Returns Process

UPS Returns® helps make a sometimes frustrating process easier. We give you three simple ways to get return shipping labels to your customers, and we also help you manage inbound and outbound returns. That saves you time, allows you to better manage staffing levels, and improves your customer experience.

Enhance Online Retail Sales

Online ticket sales are rising, but that means there aren't sales associates available to anticipate your guests' every need. Your website is going to have to do that for you.

Integrate our world-class technology, and get shipping and tracking functionality customized for your system. The UPS Ready® program gives you access to our technology and directs you to vendors who can customize, install, and maintain the applications for you. There are even Marketplace Providers, who specialize in e-commerce.

Let a UPS Ready provider integrate your shipping and order management systems and carve away inefficiencies. Your business can run smoother, and you can respond faster to customer questions.

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  • University of Georgia and UPS shipping for colleges and universities
    Meet: University of Georgia
    UPS makes a whale of a move to help the University of Georgia's Museum of Natural History transport about 75,000 animal specimens from Northeastern University in Boston to Athens, Ga.

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