Selling Internationally

The World is Within Your Reach

Yes, globalization drives competition to even higher levels, but international markets continue to provide growth opportunities for your company. After all, e-commerce has no borders.

But managing the intricacies of international shipping--with tariffs and compliance issues--can be a real headache, especially for smaller operations. We help take the pain out of international shipping:

  • WorldShip® provides easy address confirmation
  • Quantum View® tracks shipments and provides customers with updates on their packages
  • Flex®Global View gives you total visibility across your supply chain

Maintain the Standards of Your Service

Don't let distance and extended transit times hamper your ability to provide a superior customer experience; we offer a variety of International Express package delivery options. Depending on the origin and destination countries, typical time-in-transit ranges from one to three days.

Improve Trade Compliance

International trade regulations can change quickly and, if you're not aware of the latest information, customs issues can delay your shipments.

Use UPS TradeAbility® to stay ahead of the curve, and get up-to-date regulations, licensing information, government watch lists, and important shipping forms.

Ease Returns and Give Peace of Mind

Working across borders makes the already-complicated returns process even more complex. But with returns service in more than 95 countries, we offer retailers a chance to make things easier on all parties.

Provide customers with instructions on international returns and give them door-to-door visibility so they can track the package back to the warehouse or store. They'll get peace of mind when they see the package is on its way--assurance that they'll receive credit for their order and, if necessary, a replacement will be sent soon.

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