Retailer Routing Guides

Enhance Relationships and Ease Burdens

As retailers work to streamline their supply chains, they're taking greater pains to control both inbound shipments to distribution centers and stores and drop-ship orders sent directly to their customers. They're passing intricate routing guides to you--imposing a broad range of rules and regulations that often require strict packaging, labeling, and billing compliance. We can help.

Rise to the Challenge
We understand the complexities of shipping to retailers, because we do it every day. We work with retailers to customize delivery plans and hone processes--and we deliver those routing guide-compliant shipments to thousands of retail stores each business day. Our proven logistics integrate world-class technology with shipping and tracking solutions--letting you optimize your performance and improve supplier score cards.

You're facing increased competition to meet ever-changing retailer demands. Give yourself an advantage: manage your shipping through one robust carrier that can help meet all of your freight and package needs.

We Deliver On-time and Within Specifications
Reduce late deliveries with our broad freight network. UPS Freight® LTL guarantees* day-definite, on-time shipments at no additional charge for deliveries within the 48 contiguous states and between the United States and Canada. We can even do late pickups or early deliveries--we'll work with you to make sure your deliveries arrive within the retailers' guidelines.

Schedule your pickups online and get unprecedented visibility over your freight shipments. Our Pickup Notifications for LTL alerts you when your pickup is scheduled, completed, or delayed. We even let you know when the driver's headed your way--that's service you don't see from any other national LTL carrier.

Save Time and Money
Consolidate your prepaid and retailer routed shipments; we can handle both. Get more consistent processes, greater control, and higher efficiencies. Plus, we've got dedicated customer support to help you take care of issues before they become problems.

Design, Manage, and Execute Better
Effective transportation management lowers costs, improves inventory flow, and enhances your customers' experience. Our logistics expertise can help get you there.

We've got custom-developed technology to determine the best modes and routes for your shipments, letting you optimize control and performance. And we can even help with on-site management and staffing, load tendering, confirmation, and freight payment processing.

*Applies to UPGF 560, 500, 505, and 525 tariff customers only.

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