Crafting a Returns Policy that Creates an Advantage Online

Give Peace of Mind

Offer a strong, well-supported returns policy that lets customers know you're there to serve. If an order is inaccurate, doesn't fit, or no longer meets their needs, your customers want a quick, easy returns process.

Minimize Cart Abandonment
Many customers mull over their online purchases, their index finger hovering over the mouse. Narrow the window of doubt, and let your customers proceed with confidence in your reliable service.

"Retailers, not consumers, are frequently responsible for customer returns."
--Forrester Research, 2008*
Percent of Responders
*Responses to survey question:
"Please indicate all of the reasons you may have returned items, or inteded to return packages, you purchased in the past. Click all that apply."
The item I received was the wrong item
The item I received was not as portrayed online
The item I received was damaged
I decided after I received the item that I no longer needed/wanted it
I intentionally ordered more than one size or type of item with the intent of returning one or several of the items I did not want

What This Means for You

Customers can feel penalized by an unfriendly returns process, but you've got to balance their needs with your budget. Let us help you analyze your capabilities, maximize your return on investment, and keep your customers happy and loyal.

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